Education & Healthcare

Facilities services have a tremendous impact on your school and positively affect your students, teachers and administrators. We are experts in custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy services. Let us make your school the best it can be so you can focus on what matters most, your students.

We don’t just keep your school clean, we keep it safe and healthy. With our innovative technology, we get the job done faster and more efficiently all while reducing the school’s environmental footprint. We provide sustained building quality and visual appeal.  Services and solutions within budgetary goals that include ongoing training and development for each of our employees.  We embrace environmentally friendly solutions combined with a safe work environment that ultimately reduces injuries, accidents and liabilities.

We do more than just make your school look beautiful. With our mechanical maintenance expertise, we identify ways to stretch your dollar and reduce the occurrence of unplanned repairs. We use current technology to work smarter, safely and more efficiently. By improving your school and staying ahead of potential problems, we create environments for better learning and working experiences.

With a comprehensive offering of facilities services, we can provide operations and maintenance, custodial services, recycling, landscaping, and other facility support services necessary to keep your school running safely and efficiently.